Emerging Nuclear Countries and International Cooperation: What can Pakistan Offer?


  • Noreen Iftakhar Senior International Relations Analyst, Nuclear Regulatory Mechanism




Emerging Nuclear Countries, International Cooperation, Nuclear Power, Pakistan


Nuclear energy is a clean, reliable, and sustainable mode of energy that can help to reduce the impact of climate change. Under the pressure of reducing dependence on fossil fuels by achieving zero carbon emissions and searching for a secure and sustainable mode of energy, many countries, for the first time, are exploring nuclear power as a source of energy. Known as emerging nuclear countries or embarking, countries like Bangladesh, Turkey, and Egypt have initiated nuclear power programmes to diversify their energy mix. On the premise that established countries can assist newcomers in setting their nuclear power programmes, this study elaborates on emerging nuclear power countries and how, through bilateral and multilateral cooperation, Pakistan can help these countries. Since Pakistan has abundant experience in the entire life cycle of a Nuclear Power Plant, from site selection to decommissioning, from reviewing the licensee’s submission to the entire oversight programme of NPP including preparing and implementing technical regulations, it has the potential to assist emerging countries. Having a spotless nuclear power programme with the existence of an independent nuclear regulatory body, there is a need for a conscious effort by policymakers to invest in making a lucrative offer to nuclear newcomers. Opening its educational and training institutes for hosting participants from emerging countries, attachment of its technical officials for short term with relevant organisations in emerging countries, and provision of assistance in technical areas are some of the prospective areas for Pakistan to ‘shift from Recipient to Supplier state’

JSSA  Vol 9, No.2




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