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To enhance value of contributions, SVI earnestly desires to benefit from a wide spectrum of the academicians, scholars and intelligentsia. In this regards, SVI looks forward to your discourse as per the scope of the journal.Readmore

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Article Submission and Processing Guidelines

Journal of Security and Strategic Analyses (JSSA) is a bi-annual double blind peer-reviewed journal published by the Strategic Vision Institute’s (SVI), focusing on contemporary issues of peace, security and strategic studies.

The papers should be research based academic policy analysis. No lengthy historical backgrounds are needed because our target audience at this stage is informed academic, diplomatic and policy-making community.
However, papers must have a clearly defined methodology, duly supported with literature review, and theoretical assumptions.

Papers/Articles must conform to the following guidelines

  1. Single Authored contributions will be given preference (collaborative research papers should not have more than 2 authors maximum)
  2. Similarity Index must not exceed 10% overall and 2% from a single source
  3. Papers/Articles may have 4000-6000 words including footnotes
  4. Each Article must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words. The abstract must be in a separate word documen
  5. Please provide Author details with your paper, which must include qualifications and institutional affiliations. These details are to be provided in the first footnote of the paper.
  6. Book Reviews – current year publications ONLY (1000-2000 words including footnotes)
  7. For Book Reviews, please describe the subject of the review clearly, including the author, title, publisher, year and pages of the book.
  8. All work must be original and not published anywhere. Articles must be submitted along with Originality Declaration Form.
    (Filled by hand in eligible writing along with Signture)
  9. All articles must be submitted only in MS Word format (.doc or .docx extensions).
  10. No border cover pages or title pages are required. Mention the title of the submission once in the beginning of the piece, followed by the author’s name.
  11. British English spellings should be used
  12. References must be footnoted according to Chicago manual 16th edition. Please follow the link: Chicago-Style Citation All references must be cited in simple text. No formatting is required for the citations.

JSSA accepts research papers on: peace, security and strategic studies, nuclear deterrence, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security, strategic stability, doctrines, terrorism/counter terrorism, internal and external security, international security, geopolitical issues, peace and conflict studies, human security and energy security.

All contributions should be submitted to editor@thesvi.org
Submissions not based on guidelines for contributors will not be acceptable

Article Processing

Once the article is submitted by the author it undergoes a rigorous three tier blind peer review process
Submissions are promptly acknowledged through email within a few hours of the receipt of submission.

  1. Desk review being the first stage of assessment is carried out by the Editorial Team. The article is assessed for following points and usually takes 4-5 working days:

    • Originality Test (Plagiarism Check through Turnitin)
    • Relevance with the scope of Journal
    • Compliance with the submission guidelines
    • Unpublished work and not under consideration by any other journal
  2. Author if wishes, can withdraw the paper at this stage only.
  3. After passing the Desk Review, research article is further processed for double blind peer review process (once considered for that, papers cannot be withdrawn by the author)
  4. Each paper is reviewed by two subject experts of international repute from the relevant fields
  5. In the second stage, the paper is double blind reviewed by the National Reviewer and any changes or revisions suggested by the reviewer are communicated to the author. The author is expected to incorporate the changes before the paper is considered for next stage of Review
  6. In the third stage, the improved paper is double blind reviewed by the International Reviewer and any changes or revisions suggested by the reviewer are communicated to the author. The author is expected to incorporate the changes before it is considered for publication.
  7. Each Review Report may carry one of the four recommendations by the Reviewers:

    • Accept without revisions (rare)
    • Accept with minor revisions (re-writing, updating, elaborating certain sections)
    • Accept with major changes (could involve revisions in methodology, factual corrections, ambiguity of arguments, inappropriate methodology, improvement in abstract etc.)
    • Reject

  8. The decision on publication approximately takes 8-9 weeks after the receipt date.
  9. The papers are published only after the reviewer’s comments are taken into consideration.
  10. The decision on publication is duly communicated to the Author through email.

Article Submission deadlines

Call for research article submission is issued twice each year with following deadlines:

  1. For Summer (June) issue: No later than the last week of February
  2. For Winter (December) issue: No later than the last week of August

Publication Fee

There are no Article Processing and Submission Charges

  1. Modest amount as honorarium is paid to the Reviewers (National and International)
  2. Author(s) are not paid for their contributions to the JSSA as is mentioned in the Article Processing and Submission Charges

Source of Funding

Higher Education Commission (HEC) - Ever since the recognition of JSSA in the Y-category by the HEC-HJRS